November 1, 2022


As the leaves change so does our season of ministry.  -Silas Todd, Liberty-Benton MS

Autumn might just be the best season. The leaves begin to change color and there is a certain beauty to the world. We enjoy awesome things like corn mazes, football and apple cider. Another part of the changing seasons is the seasons that we go through in ministry. The end of summer and beginning of the school year is certainly one of those times. While we’ve had lots of awesome experiences this summer, like meeting Governor DeWine at the fair, we are ready for the school year. It’s the beginning of consistent things like visiting students every week at lunch, great opportunities to meet students at sporting events and the start of our weekly club meetings.

As I begin my second year at Liberty-Benton Middle School, I am going into the next season excited to share the Gospel. We have our kickoff harvest party happening soon, and a year of club to follow. We’ll also host more small groups this year, where we get to dive into more serious times with specific groups of students. We hope to add more fun times this year, including trips, extra activities and more nights like the harvest party. We are excited to continue our mission in this new school year, and hope that you will continue to support us in prayer as we go forward into our next season.