A Tale of Two Brothers

September 7, 2023


A Tale of Two Brothers -Junior Ramos, Lima City Life

Happy summer everyone! Recently, I had the privileged of sharing the parable of the lost son to our High School students while on a summer retreat.

In the story of The Prodigal Son there are two different perspectives being highlighted. The younger son, having put his hope in material possessions, squanders all that he was given from the inheritance of his father as found in Luke 15:13. The parable reveals that the young man began to be in want. He was willing to settle for the very slop that he himself fed the swine. Out of desperation, he turns back to the father and is welcomed home with celebration.

Another perspective is found in the older brother, who dutifully stayed with the father. In his words “I never transgressed your commandment, yet you showed me no such love.” In other words, I am the one who has stuck around and worked.” While the younger brother looked for worth in his inheritance and wild living, the older brother thought there was worth in his work and loyalty. Both of their hearts were far from the father.

The hope in this parable is that God assigns our worth and has a heart to welcome into fellowship. Both brothers just had to turn back to the father. So now, for our students, the follow up takes place! We will be digging deeper and holding each other accountable to what we have gleaned from this teaching. That the Father has made a way for us to return to Him through Christ!