Building Faith

November 20, 2023


Unless the Lord build the house, the laborers work in vain.

In 2020, YFC was given the opportunity to purchase the building in Bluffton that we have done ministry in since 2002. This location sets us directly across from the high school and in excellent proximity to reach Bluffton teens. Also, benefiting from the space is Pandora-Gilboa middle schoolers
who are welcome to a joint Club night with Bluffton middle schoolers. Countless hours of ministry have taken place within these walls and stories of students that have come to see their need for Jesus as their Savior!

Through the generous gifts of many within the community, YFC has purchased the building to secure this space for years of ministry to come. As part of the purchase plan, we have agreed to create a new entry point, separating our doorway from the adjoined parcel that is privately owned.

Within the last month, much has taken place to construct the new entry and give a glimpse to the community of what’s to come. Through the gifts of many donors and laborers, we see an end in sight for this project and are excited to welcome teens in through the doors!

A special thanks to Pandora Construction, Kohli Masonry, Vetter Lumber, and Shartell Brothers Construction in making this space a reality!