Columbus Grove Update

November 20, 2023


A new ministry area shows signs of growth and potential! -Andrew Bertka, Columbus Grove MS Campus Life

Thank you all for your support and prayers that come our way as our school year kickoffs are happening! It seems like students are ready to get into the swing of things and have a fun place they can come and hangout. We hosted our first Columbus Grove Campus Life 5th Quarter, after a High School football game, and 60+ teens came out! What an awesome response!

The plan for Columbus Grove Campus Life is to host standalone type of events like 5th Quarters, a fall party, a costume party, and a Christmas party within the next couple months. These contacting times are great ways to get to know teens and move into the second half of the school year! We will begin a weekly meeting time for Campus Life starting the second half of the school year.

Currently, I am serving as a Campus Life site director at Bluffton Middle School and working to become acquainted with Columbus Grove Middle School, their schedule, as well as meeting as many students as I can to start the relationship building process!

So far, there has been a lot of support from the community which has been a major blessing. Multiple families have stepped up to offer their support in the aforementioned events – what a great help! I am working to establish a team of weekly volunteers for when Club begins later in the school year. This is my biggest prayer request as of right now for CG Campus Life!

The Lord has been gracious and has provided for us in so many ways. I believe as we seek His will, God will provide for us and our needs!