Desi Ash’s Story

December 19, 2023


Desi Ash, Campus Life Student through 2002-2006

High school was a tough time for me. My parents were going through a separation/divorce and I was depressed. YFC started off as something to keep me away from my home yet quickly became more than just another thing in my schedule. 

Dave Todd taught me that I’m lovable and that there’s a God who loves me regardless of my story. The Todd family welcomed me in and have become my second family – they truly model Christ’s love in so many ways. 

YFC opened the doors for me to enjoy so many things like repelling down a mountain, white water rafting, and camping. I learned the value of hard work and dedication. 

YFC also was there to help me with my mental health. Being able to attend counseling with Tracy Rath was a great personal outlet for therapy. 

At a girls weekend retreat YFC held, I was given a tea cup and platter and taught that my life is fragile, unique, and crafted by God. As a high schooler that was a message of acceptance and love I needed to hear. I needed to know I was loved and accepted and that my life had purpose. 

YFC connected me to a local church where I was baptized and then later accepted the call of ministry. I would go on to graduate college and become a youth pastor myself continuing the impact that YFC had on my life. 

My goal in life is to share my smile and God’s love with others, especially youth. YFC was there in a pivotal time of my life and I am truly grateful to Dave and Kimberlie for living a Christ centered life and following that calling.