Jesus Empowers Us

September 7, 2023


Jesus Empowers Us -Jeremy Basinger, Bluffton High School Campus Life

It is a blessing to see students from different YFC ministry sites come together and spend a few days growing in relationship with each other and most importantly in their relationship with God. At the end of the school year we took our high school students from all YFC ministry sites on a retreat to Cleveland. This was one of the best attended trips we have ever had for high schoolers! There were many parts to this trip but the one I want to highlight is our last day, a day of service. During this day we went to the Cleveland Youth for Christ City Life Center to help remove a fence. I won’t lie, I underestimated this task. This fence was not your average fence removal. Imagine a 10’ tall fence with trees and bushes growing through it! It was a lot more than I expected, but the students didn’t think anything about it. From the moment we got there, they were ready to tear into it and felt empowered getting to work with their hands and some power tools. When we arrived, one of my volunteers who runs a tree removal business, and I looked at each other thinking it would be impossible to get the whole thing done. Little by little we made progress and the students impressed us. This project, though daunting, was the best unifier of the trip! All of our leaders agreed that we should start with a service project on our next retreat. We didn’t just get the task that was given to us completed, we modeled the power of the body of Christ as we worked together.