Led Back to Lima

November 4, 2022


Deeper prayer = deeper levels.  –Junior Ramos, Lima City Life

I am excited to serve as City Life Director at Rally Point Youth Center in Lima!  It’s a privilege to have the opportunity to get to know our area youth on a deeper level and to be a part of their story. 

My journey to this point in my life has had its peaks and valleys.  In 2009, I moved my family from Lima to a small town in northern Michigan. There I experienced a church leadership position where I never felt like I fit.  I struggled with this off and on for years. 

A few years ago, I was in deep prayer about what God would have me to do as I was struggling with my purpose.  Shortly after, He called my wife and I back to Lima after 11 years away.  Today, He has proven to be faithful once again!  I am now serving as Lead Pastor of The Gathering Place, and have also been given this opportunity to serve the youth in our community with City Life.  What an amazing blessing! 

As I ponder God’s goodness, Isaiah 1:16-19 comes to remembrance. In the midst of our submission, He is faithful to reward.  Lord, as we submit unto You, we pray that You lead our feet, hands, mouths and lives in a manner that pleases You. AMEN!