Loved and Seen

August 11, 2022


Love and Seen  -Jared Diller, Executive Director

Amy and I had the privilege to serve at YFC Camp this summer! Our role was to work with a team of young leaders to serve 280 campers meals, three times a day for most of a week. This type of ministry was refreshing because it gave us a front seat view of the mission of YFC.

Imagine – tables are set, food is prepped and ready to be served.  Cabin leaders are waiting at their tables for their teens. High energy music starts pumping! The doors open and the dining hall floods with hundreds of teens that are dearly loved by God!

Amy and I enjoyed serving family-style meals to a number of tables, and watching the art of conversation taking place. Cabin leaders would ask questions like, “What has been the best part of your day?” or “If you were a superhero, who would you be, and why?” Teens would open up and experience a moment where food, conversation, laughter, spills, and more spills, would happen. Just like a real-life family.

These shared experiences allowed teens to feel loved and seen, so that when cabin times came around, they were able also to be open to talk about deeper things and hear the truth that God does love them and has offered salvation through His Son, Jesus, for them.