Pick Up One, Drop off Two

July 6, 2023


Pick Up One, Drop off Two -Gary Lee, Maintenance Report

Gathering with teens to share God’s Word in a loving environment is what we do. When you think about all the aspects of doing ministry, there’s much more than just the gathering times. We need a caring staff and volunteers. We need a place to meet – in a perfect world that would be on a sunny
and shady hillside with a slight breeze and 70 degrees. But…we live in Ohio where it can be nice and 70 degrees then 20 minutes later snowing! So, we have 5 ministry locations in Allen, Putnam, and Hancock Counties for teens to gather in a safe and loving environment. In addition, we have 5 vans to provide transportation for teens that need that added assistance.

There you have it. God, His Word, staff, volunteers, a place to meet, transportation if needed, and teens. Ministry is happening!

In my role with YFC, I am responsible to oversee building and van upkeep so that the times to gather can happen without interruption. Normally I replace quite a few light bulbs, fix things, make sure snow is plowed, grass is mowed, etc. etc.
More recently I have had to oversee a roof leak, plumbing issues, and fix a door. These are not unexpected things, but they take time and money.

This brings us to the title of my article “Pick Up One Drop Off Two”. The other day I went to pick up a van that was repaired, and not soon after, had to drop off two that needed fixed!

This year there has been a lot of extra maintenance and repair of our vans that range in age of 14 to 21 years old! Our goal is to retire a van and replace it with a more reliable one. We have found, purchasing a reasonably priced used 12 passenger van is a challenge! If you care to give toward a
new van, please Click HERE.

Your prayers, as we seek funding and a van that will keep YFC rolling for years to come, are greatly appreciated!