Stephanie Todd’s Story

December 19, 2023


Stephanie Todd, Campus Life student through 2010-2015

When I started going to MS Campus Life in 6th grade, I knew the story of the Gospel, and I knew of Jesus, but I wasn’t a Christian or seeking a relationship with God at the time. And when I met David and Kimberlie Todd, the LB Campus Life leaders at the time, I witnessed how following Jesus impacts your life. 

Campus Life nights, while for most kids was just about playing games, for me it was being in such an accepting environment. Just by watching David and Kimberlie serve, seek, and love the Lord, I learned that life is full of hope and joy, and is meaningful. I realized that what made them different was Jesus; and I began to realize that I needed Him, too. 

I started going to church with the Todd family on Sunday mornings and quickly felt like a part of their family. Looking back, it still means so much to me how they invested in my life and cared about me, when they really didn’t have a reason to. 

I’m thankful for their faithfulness to Jesus and to their ministry at YFC as it’s why I’m a believer today.