The Apple of His Eye

November 20, 2023


Ministry with teens is not like picking apples. -Gary Lee Lima City Life

When picking apples, you look for the best fruit and discard the ones that are bruised, blemished or bad on the inside. In ministry, you don’t get – to choose; you get teens that are bruised, blemished, and like all of us, sinful on the inside.

Jesus commands us to go to the “all” and make disciples. When I think of the “apples” who come to City Life, two specific teens come to mind who need help in many ways. Their mom can’t work because of an addiction. They had a recent death of a loving family member who covered many of the family expenses. Anger issues, trouble with school, and a likely eviction from where they live are all problems they are dealing with.

Helping teens in YFC to learn how to cope in the social, physical, mental and spiritual areas of their life is not easy. When teens are dealing with so many areas of their life that are in turmoil, they build walls that are hard to break through.

Would you pray that YFC can help them see Jesus is knocking at their heart’s door? We pray that with Christ’s guidance we can also help them cope – with the things of this world. This seems like an impossible task but with God all things are possible!

Your support through prayer, finances or joining a ministry team, would be greatly appreciated!