Truth That Sets Free

November 20, 2023


Bringing truth to inmates in Allen County’s Juvenile Detention Center. -Junior Ramos, Lima City Life

God has opened the door for Lima City Life to implement a YFC ministry model called Juvenile Justice Ministry (JJM) in Allen County!

Sadly, juvenile court officials have confirmed the rise in violent crimes amongst young people in Allen County; shootings being a primary offense. With this in mind, I go to the Allen County Juvenile Detention Center weekly to connect with teen inmates and share a message of hope found in Christ.

Recently, I met a young man, age 15, who was involved in a local shooting. He had been shot in the right lower abdomen and must walk with crutches until he is fully recovered. Evidence found on social media showed he also fired a gun; so now, with no prior arrests, he is looking to spend a majority of his life in prison. Instead of learning, experiencing, growing and freely living out his youth, he must pay for his crime in a hostile environment.

You can easily see the deep spiritual need within our community. Only God can turn a situation that is so tragic and unfortunate into a miracle. This spurs on my prayer for this young man as well as the other boys and girls that I see twice a week through JJM.

Since beginning JJM in August, we have witnessed eight inmates who made a decision to follow Christ and receive Him as their Lord and Savior! The first was a young lady who is charged with murder.

Please pray that we may faithfully deliver the message of hope and freedom that comes through Jesus Christ! Also, if you are called to join us in reaching incarcerated youth, please reach out!