Victory in Jesus

August 17, 2023


Victory in Jesus -Jared Diller, Executive Director

Trusting the Lord to provide for His work.

Recently we shared the need to replace some old faithful vans, that are used weekly, to provide rides for teens to YFC activities. The response was amazing! Through the special gifts of area supporters, we have purchased a van and have the funds to purchase another – praise God!

This generosity is very encouraging to the work of YFC and to our staff that are tasked in safely driving teens. Our desire is to honor these givers by “going” and making disciples as we pick up teens, plan trips, and share the gospel through authentic relationships!

To celebrate this blessing and say thank you to the Tom Ahl Family of Dealerships for working to find and generously giving towards a “Victory Red” 12passenger van we say THANK YOU, “You knocked our socks off!”

Another special thanks goes out to a donor that is to remain anonymous. (If you are reading, your family has meant so much to YFC over the years! We are greatly honored by you and will “keep doing what we’re doing” per your instructions!)

As needs pop up that are outside the normal ministry budget, we put our trust in God to provide and sustain the work of the gospel.

To Him be the glory!